Azur Oil and Gas Company has launched a $10m fund branded GO FUND NIGERIA to serve as a catalyst for the development and growth of Nigerian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The fund – GO FUND NIGERIA – is expected to enhance the operations of indigenous small and medium enterprises through the provision of much needed business development assistance and appropriate finance.

The objective of the pilot scheme is two folds, and characterises the business vision of its co-promoters.

In the first instance, it would demonstrate her interest in contributing to the development of SMEs as a means of enhancing wealth creation in the economy; and secondly, the unique approach of the business model introduced by Azur Oil ensures that SMEs are not just given funds, but also business development assistance.

Eligibility criteria for funding

1) Must be a registered business in Nigeria
2) Must have fewer than 50 employees
3) Must possess a valid business development model


1) No collateral
2) Free funding (No Pay back)
3) Swift application approval
4) Up to $6,000 allocated funds per business

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