Azur Oil is a leading oil and Gas Company based in United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a Global reach, specializing in exploration, production and distribution of a range of oil products including crude oil, petroleum, petrochemical products, diesel fuel, lubricants and natural gas. Some of the oil products in which the Azur trades are crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemical products and natural gas.

Azur Oil is a diverse energy company with a proven track record & expertise that covers all aspects of the oil and natural gas industry from Upstream exploration and production (E&P), drilling & oil exploration, to Midstream, and Downstream, refining, distribution & logistics. Azur oil also carry out full scale engineering, scaffolding and construction/maintenance work, petroleum product marketing, equipment leasing, and foreign procurement in the UAE as well as the Nigeria oil and gas sector.
Azur oil is an accredited representative of manufacturing companies in Asia, Europe And Africa.


Drilling and completions are also Azur Oil strengths. The majority of ongoing operations incorporate horizontal wells, many with laterals over two-miles in length. Other operations include deep-water and conventional developments. The focus of each of these efforts is to deliver fit-for-purpose well-bores at the lowest possible cost over the life of the lease.

Technology efforts for drilling operations are focused upon managed pressure drilling techniques to improve drilling efficiency and reduce safety and environmental risks. Technology efforts for completions are focused upon multistage fracturing tools to reduce intervention and speed operations, as well as improvements in fluid and proppant systems for hydraulic fracturing.


Azur Midstream and Downstream refining and distribution include refineries and storage facilities to vessels, tankers and truck transportation and distribution of Crude Oil, Aviation Fuel, Kerosene Diesel and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Azur Oil believes excellent service is paramount to our success, combined this with first class local knowledge and competitive prices that is what makes Azur the automatic choice for all of your oil and energy needs in Dubai.

At Azur Oil we recognise that climate change is serious issue, and we understand that our operations and processes make an impact on the local, regional and Global environment. That is why Azur Oil strive to minimise the impact we have on the environment and decrease our carbon footprint, by implementing solutions and processes to Global issues, while at the same time we look to the future and renewable green energy sources.

Integrated reservoir characterization is one of Azur Oil’s strengths. We focus on delivering integrated solutions that describe our reservoirs in detail, from broad basin settings to localized variations in individual formations. We emphasize solutions that integrate state-of-the-art technologies in areas ranging from seismic imaging, geologic modeling, petrophysics, reservoir management and production engineering.

Integrated solutions are especially important to formulate development plans for today’s ever-more challenging reservoirs. Examples of ongoing reservoir characterization efforts include deep-water, fractured carbonates and unconventional plays.

Once placed on production, every well must be closely monitored to make sure it continues to operate at maximum efficiency. Optimization of production is critical to ensuring recovery of developed reserves and maximizing revenues. Minimizing volumes and handling of produced water is also of utmost importance.

One area of technology focus is upon artificial lift systems to prevent liquid loading in long vertical and horizontal well sections. A second focus area is upon technologies to treat produced water for use/reuse as drilling and completion fluids.

Our Focus

To attract, develop and retain a premier workforce chosen from the best and most professional talent pool across the world to meet our business needs.

Develop and continually foster a productive work environment where individuals and professionals are respected, valued and encouraged to contribute fully to the achievement of the Group’s business objectives.

Identify and develop talent within the Group to imbue leadership skills and competencies required to succeed in our dynamic business environment.

Extra Focus On Offshore Safety
Extra Focus On Offshore Safety

Safety First

Job Vacancies

Azur Oil Limited is a United Arab Emirate (UAE) Oil Company based in Dubai, with a Representative Office in Kuwait and a major player in the Nigerian and International Oil and Gas Industry.  The Corporation has exciting prospects and operations across the complete value chain of Oil and Gas covering, Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors.

As part of our efforts in re positioning the Corporation for growth and operational excellence,  we are looking to bring on board dynamic and ambitious young graduates and experienced professionals who will create a strategic springboard to maximize the benefits of Azur Oil in the Oil and Gas Industry.

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